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17th International Symposium Mine Action 2021 June 16-18


we are pleased to inform you about new date and place of the 17th International Symposium Mine Action 2021, which is going to be held in the Hotel Wyndham Grand in Novi Vinodolski, from June 16-18, 2021.

In light of the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that we had to postpone

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TC17 VRISE2021 – Topical Event on Robotics for Risky Interventions and Environmental Surveillance-October 06


Abstract are solicited from prospective authors on topics related to the theme of Robotics for Risky Interventions and

Environmental Surveillance for the TC17-VRISE2021: Topical Event


SCOPE and Topics

Measurement of CBRNE – related environmental risks Environmental surveillance (air quality, pollution, etc, Search and Rescue by incidents/accidents/disasters), Medical Management (teaching facilities, entertainment facilities,

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The Encircle project is coming to an end, and we have joined forces with Philippe Quevauviller and his Ceris initiative to provide our virtual end conference. Encircle has been a four year project to strengthen the European industry and help create the tools and strategies needed to consolidate the EU CBRN communities of suppliers

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Events archive

CERIS – DRS – Online discussion – 05 May 2021

CERIS DRS discussion on Multihazards disaster risk management, including cascading effect

Dear CoU members,
As you know, with the current sanitary crisis, we all had to adapt to new ways of (tele)working and we succeeded to develop the Horizon Europe Work Programme, the new framework programme for research and innovation, in the different

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Formations CBRN pour urgentistes en 2020

Dans le cadre des résultats émis par le groupe de travail CBRN – Med démontrant la nécessité de former les personnels des services d ‘urgence des hôpitaux à la problématique de la menace CBRN (Chimique, Biologique, Radiologique et Nucléaire) et riche des enseignements acquis lors des premiers cours organisés avec succès à l’ ICI l ‘année dernière, l’ Institut propose une nouvelle série de cours en cette année 2020.

Ces cours sont également accessibles aux membres des services de pompier et aux policiers


Registration: CBRN

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L ‘ICI organise sa première conférence 2020

Vu l’ intérêt suscité par cette conférence, la date d’enregistrement limite est prolongée au 26 février 2020

Risques liés aux mines artisanales (Mali)

Risques liés à la propagation des pathogènes (Coronavirus, Ebola…)

Risques liés aux trafics de précurseurs chimiques, radiologiques, voire nucléaires (Irak, Syrie, Iran, Corée du Nord…)

DATE:  February 28  2020 Start: 10.30H

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23rd International Meeting of Mine Action National Directors and United nations Advisers (NDM-UN):11-14 february 2020

The meeting will provide the Opportunity to network and exchange best practices.

the current trends: mine action for people nd planet: solutions, commitments and actions

Members of ICI candidates for a side -event: please contact yvan.baudoin@ici-belgium.be by end November 2019  at the latest.

Read more: 20190924_NDM_UN_Invitation_signed

Program : https://indico.un.org/event/30805/material/slides/6.pdf


.       https://www.mineaction.org/en/23rd-international-meeting-of-national-mine-action-programme-directors-and-united-nations-advisers

 C-IED Tools:

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International Symposium CLAWAR 2020 and ICRES 2020

CLAWAR 2020 is the 23rd issue of the International Conference Series on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines. The conference will be organized in collaboration with the Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPMech-RAS), in Moscow, Russian Federation during 24 – 26 August

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International symposium IMEKO-ISMCR’2019

The International symposium Measurement and Control in Robotics took place in HOUSTON (Clear Lake University) , 19-20 September

The next ISMCR’2020 will take place in Budapest 15-17 October 2020

Read more: ISMCR 2019

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CBRNe Training

The ICI participates to the NCT-Europe 2019, involved in a workshop focusing on international cooperation and CBRNe training. The partnership with the Austrian Ministry of Defense and the Austrian Armed Forces guaranteed the presence of regional and international stakeholders: from high level decision-makers, to civil and military first responders. Several sponsoring Companies of

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Formations CBRN pour urgentistes en 2019

Dans le cadre des résultats émis par le groupe de travail CBRN – Med démontrant la nécessité de former les personnels des services d ‘urgence des hôpitaux à la problématique de la menace CBRN (Chimique, Biologique, Radiologique et Nucléaire) et riche des enseignements acquis lors des premiers cours organisés avec succès à l’ ICI en octobre et novembre 2018, l’Institut propose une nouvelle série de cours en cette année 2019.

Ces cours sont également accessibles aux membres des services de pompier et aux

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International Workshop ICI – RISE’2019 (Risky Interventions, Environmental survey)

 RISE’ 2019 – CBRNE-MPPM 9th  International Workshop on Measurement, Prevention, Protection and Management by CBRNE Risks 01April 2019 – International CBRNE Institute,  Belgium

The 9th International Workshop on Measurement , prevention, protection and management of CBRNE risks  follows the successful  8th IARP RISE’ 2017 held at ICI, Belgium and it is aiming to

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European LandRobots Trials (ELROB-2018)

ELROB 2018
European Land Robot Trial

10th European Land Robot Trial
7th Military ELROB
24 – 28 September 2018 on the Site of the RPA HAINAUT SECURITE (https://www.hainautsecurite.be)
The venue :  MONS-Belgium (ELROB-ISMCR : rue de la Croix 112, B 7870 Bauffe – Mons)

This is an announcement for the tenth and – at

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Nouvelles formations CBRN pour urgentistes

Le temps court et la menace est réelle …Êtes-vous vraiment prêts?


En collaboration avec l ‘AFIU (Association Francophone des Infirmier(e)s d’ Urgence), l’ICI organise sa première formation de niveau 3 du 19 au 21 novembre 2018

Read more: Projet Hosp CBRNfinal

Registration: CBRN Hosp Reg – inscriptions


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15th International symposium Mine Actions in Croatia

Our partner CTRO-HR (www.ctro.hr) from the EKC organises the 15th International symposium on Mine Actions , from 9 to 12 April 2018, in SLANO, Croatia. The topics cover the new technologies, the new challenges (IED), the crisis management with impact on mine actions. This initiative improves the EKC/TTF 2 and TTF 3 (validation, training)

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Gestion de crise La nouvelle menace : la nécessité du renforcement des formations spécifiques des services de sécurité et des acteurs de terrain en particulier

Prévoir, gérer et corriger sont les trois défis liés à une intervention à risque (catastrophe naturelle ou accident inattendu aux conséquences liées aux vies humaines).

Le besoin en formations spécifiques devient essentiel aujourd’hui, au moment où le terrorisme international a franchi nos frontières et menace clairement les pays Européens par l’utilisation possible de substances

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NEW! CCTP course in counterterrorism at the ICI

In October (16-18) CCTP is hosting their 3 days certification program in counterterrorism at the ICI in Belgium for security professionals.

On October 19th the course will be followed by an international Conference on Counterterrorism with interesting topics being covered by international speakers (details on the conference will be published soon)

The CCTP program is

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Risky Interventions and Environmental SurveillancE – 2017 Topics: Counter Terroristic Technology

Several key documents define the strategy of the European Union against terrorist activities. The European Counter-Terrorism Strategy (2005) and the EU Internal Security Strategy in Action (2010) are among the most important and they have been complemented by the EU Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (2006). They all organise a coordinated response to the

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EUROPEAN threats – CBRNE and COUNTER CBRNE Threats in particular – INVITATION

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is the implementing body of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). On 29 April 1997 the Chemical Weapons Convention entered into force with 87 States Parties—becoming binding international law.

The International CBRNE Institute, located in Belgium provides through its Knowledge Centres (CBRN and Explosives) specific courses related

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