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Gestion de crise La nouvelle menace : la nécessité du renforcement des formations spécifiques des services de sécurité et des acteurs de terrain en particulier

Prévoir, gérer et corriger sont les trois défis liés à une intervention à risque (catastrophe naturelle ou accident inattendu aux conséquences liées aux vies humaines).

Le besoin en formations spécifiques devient essentiel aujourd’hui, au moment où le terrorisme international a franchi nos frontières et menace clairement les pays Européens par l’utilisation possible de substances

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21th International Symposium on Measurement and Control in Robotics
26-28 September 2018
International CBRNE Institute, Les Bons Villers, Belgium

The 21th International Symposium on Measurement and Control in Robotics (ISMCR-2018) follows the very successful 20th ISMCR’20 held at Bangalore (India) and it is aiming to gather high quality original contributions in the robotic field

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NEW! CCTP course in counterterrorism at the ICI

In October (16-18) CCTP is hosting their 3 days certification program in counterterrorism at the ICI in Belgium for security professionals.

On October 19th the course will be followed by an international Conference on Counterterrorism with interesting topics being covered by international speakers (details on the conference will be published soon)

The CCTP program is

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Risky Interventions and Environmental SurveillancE – 2017 Topics: Counter Terroristic Technology

Several key documents define the strategy of the European Union against terrorist activities. The European Counter-Terrorism Strategy (2005) and the EU Internal Security Strategy in Action (2010) are among the most important and they have been complemented by the EU Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (2006). They all organise a coordinated response to the

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EUROPEAN threats – CBRNE and COUNTER CBRNE Threats in particular – INVITATION

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is the implementing body of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). On 29 April 1997 the Chemical Weapons Convention entered into force with 87 States Parties—becoming binding international law.

The International CBRNE Institute, located in Belgium provides through its Knowledge Centres (CBRN and Explosives) specific courses related

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