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EUROPEAN threats – CBRNE and COUNTER CBRNE Threats in particular – INVITATION

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is the implementing body of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). On 29 April 1997 the Chemical Weapons Convention entered into force with 87 States Parties—becoming binding international law.

The International CBRNE Institute, located in Belgium provides through its Knowledge Centres (CBRN and Explosives) specific courses related to the missions of the OPCW.

For the 20th anniversary of the Convention M. Jean-Pol PONCELET (former Minister of the Belgian Defence, General director of FORATOM), General J.GALATAS (Former Head of the department of Asymmetric Threats, Intelligence Analysis Branch, Hellenic National Defence General Staff), manager of the ICI CBRN Knowledge Centre, Professor emeritus Baudoin (of the Royal Military Academy of Belgium), manager of the ICI Explosive Knowledge Centre and Colonel e.r. Jean Marsia (President of the European Society for Defense AISBL) invite their members (S€D and ICI), members of Academic Associations, members of professional ‘Security’ associations, members of the SROR/KVOO and the members of the MARS&MERCURIUS to an information/exhibition Day, focusing on the European Challenges, among others the current threats and the CBRNE and C-CBRNE technology, on

April, 20 2017.

With the participation of eminent coordinators of Chemical and Explosive Terrorism Prevention of INTERPOL and Counter Improvised Explosive Devices of the European Defence Agency (EDA)

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