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ROBOTICS for CBRNE Issues : extension of the EKC

The International CBRNE Institute has now decided to integrate the robotized CBRN-E interventions, a modern evolution, by extending the EKC (Explosive Knowledge Centre) to a renovated E-RKC (Explosive and Robotics Knowledge Centre), linking the activities of the ICI to the objectives of the IMEKO Technical committee TC 17 (www.imeko.org). Professor Baudoin has been nominated

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From 24 to 27 September 2018, on the ‘HAINAUT Security’ site, located in BAUFFE (Mons, close to CHIEVRE airport and CASTEAU NATO headquarters), was held the annual competitions to demonstrate the capabilities of mobile robots in realistic scenarios. The ELROB’2018 competition presented 16 teams of which five (NIC Instruments Ltd-UK, TELEROB GmbH-GE, BROKK Ltd.-SE,

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The research and development in Mobile Robotics can help operations in risky environments.

ELROB and ISMCR will illustrate the last R&D results focusing on Land-Robotics.




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The ICI signs a cooperation agreement with the Vinča Nuclear Institute

On 3 April 2018, Mr. Yves DUBUCQ, Director of the ICI signed a cooperation agreement with the Vinča Nuclear Institute.

The Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences is a nuclear physics research institution near Belgrade, Serbia.[1] Since its founding, the institute has also conducted research in the fields in physics, chemistry and biology. The scholarly

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Our ICI/EKC Manager congratulated by the Croatian Government

On behalf of the organizers of the 15th International Mine Action Symposium, allow me to warmly thank you for your valuable participation as a lecturer.

In this regard, as to your unquestioning expert contribution to this meeting and as one of the par excellence authorities in mine action-related issues, we will be mostly honoured

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15th International symposium on Mine Action, EKC contributions

Members of European FP7-TIRAMISU/ICI-EKC still active in Humanitarian Demining.

Professor Motoyuki SATO (Tohoku University, Japan) has presented his new ALIS MD-GPR detector of Explosive devices during the 15th International Symposium on Mine actions in Slano (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

The NATO study on detection of explosives with honeybees entered in his first milestone, getting CTRO (coordinator),

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21st International meeting of National Mine Action

On February 13, representatives of ICI – EKC participated in the international conference on humanitarian demining in Geneva. The purpose of this participation was to promote both the Institute and the materials developed during the Tiramisu project. The presentation of Yvan Baudoin was entitled: “New JED Challenges Imply New Tools”

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Conference on Crisis management – 23 January 2018

“It’s not 5 minutes before the ball that you learn how to dance” …one of the take-aways from Tuesday ‘s conference at the ICI that brought together Belgium’ s 1st responders, police, fire services and security professionals. There is a need for more learning opportunities for the security services in case they are faced with a potential attack using chemical, radiological or biological substances. It is essential that they are given the information and

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EKC Newsletter December 2017

A summary of the ICI/EKC activities 2017 may be consulted here.

The EKC members are cordially invited to become members of the DG HOME security Community of Users


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