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International Workshop ICI – RISE’2019

The workshop “Rise 2019” held at the Institute on 1st of April encountered the desired success.

Eleven Nations were represented and had the opportunity to have information on the last technical developments in the CBRNE field and associated CBRNE measurements, prevention, protection and management.

We want to thank the speakers for the quality of

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Séminaire en Gestion multidisciplinaire des Situations d’Exception à l’ULB

Ce 05 mars 2019 ; l ‘ULB invitait l’ ICI au séminaire en Gestion multidisciplinaire des Situations d’Exception; près dune centaine de spécialistes (médecine de catastrophe, pompiers, policiers, services de sécurité,…) assistaient à cet évènement.

Le thème présenté concernait la nouvelle menace CBRNE et les nouvelles formations pour urgentistes y afférent.

Mr DUBUCQ, Directeur de l ‘ICI, était accompagné d’

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CBRNe Awareness Training of the NCT Team with Hotzone Solutions Group and the International CBRNe Institute

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNe) threats are increasingly being used by state and non-state actors worldwide, enhancing their lethality and finding ever-changing ways to deploy them. In our mission to make this world a safer and more secure place, IB Consultancy (IBC), the creator of NCT events and magazine, is ramping up

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The ICI in close cooperation with HCR-CTRO (sanja.vakula@ctro.hr), DRONEVOLT (matteo.baronio@dronevolt.com), SNAIL-AID (patfordemining@gmail.com) and IMM (marek_b_kacprzak@wp.pl ), SITE (Torsten.vikstrom@sitesandinavia.se), under the auspice of the Belgian MFA, presented technologies for helping Mine actions in risky zones/camps of refugees)

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Conflict Armament Research faces CBRNE scenarios

The Company “Conflict Armament Research”   came back this year again to the ICI to deepen their knowledge in the particular area of ​​CBRNE. Once again, our instructors were able to demonstrate their hands-on experience and creativity by providing realistic scenarios for these field professionals.

It was also an opportunity for us to share our respective experiences

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ROBOTICS for CBRNE Issues : extension of the EKC

The International CBRNE Institute has now decided to integrate the robotized CBRN-E interventions, a modern evolution, by extending the EKC (Explosive Knowledge Centre) to a renovated E-RKC (Explosive and Robotics Knowledge Centre), linking the activities of the ICI to the objectives of the IMEKO Technical committee TC 17 (www.imeko.org). Professor Baudoin has been nominated

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From 24 to 27 September 2018, on the ‘HAINAUT Security’ site, located in BAUFFE (Mons, close to CHIEVRE airport and CASTEAU NATO headquarters), was held the annual competitions to demonstrate the capabilities of mobile robots in realistic scenarios. The ELROB’2018 competition presented 16 teams of which five (NIC Instruments Ltd-UK, TELEROB GmbH-GE, BROKK Ltd.-SE,

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