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Newsletter ICI December 2023

Statement 2023

The year 2023 was more productive than 2022 ,in term of the visibility of our institution, now hosted by the Val de Sambre Rescue Zone  (made up of an operational staff of around 240 professional firefighters, volunteer firefighters and ambulance drivers as well as an administrative staff of 22 people, and managed by the Colonel Marc Gilbert)

In fact, no less than 30 countries were represented by delegates during this year either through their participation in our conferences or for having attended our courses. The focus this year has been set on the new courses given to emergency department staff of our hospitals on the one hand and on increasing our international visibility in the field of crisis management and robotics on the other hand.

The International CBRNE Institute has been extended to a Medical Knowledge Centre (MED-KC) entrusted to the Dr Frank VAN TRIMPONT, Anesthesiologist and Emergency Physicist, Director of the disaster certificate course at the Free University of Brussels, Secretary General of the European Council for Disaster Medicine, Reserve Officer of the Belgian Army. Since 2022, the ICI is hosting the yearly inter-university course for disaster medicine organized by Frank; in 2023, two sessions were organized in April and November with about a total of 150 participants.

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