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International Workshop ICI – RISE’2019 (Risky Interventions, Environmental survey)

 RISE’ 2019 – CBRNE-MPPM 9th  International Workshop on Measurement, Prevention, Protection and Management by CBRNE Risks 01April 2019 – International CBRNE Institute,  Belgium

The 9th International Workshop on Measurement , prevention, protection and management of CBRNE risks  follows the successful  8th IARP RISE’ 2017 held at ICI, Belgium and it is aiming to gather high quality original contributions in the CBRNE field and associated CBRNE measurements, prevention, protection and management


RISE’2019-program 01 April 2019

RISE’2019-program 01 April 2019 and Abstracts



ACCOMODATIONS: RISE’2019-registration sheet-accomodation:RISE’2019-REGISTRATION