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Conflict Armament Research faces CBRNE scenarios

The Company “Conflict Armament Research”  came back this year again to the ICI to deepen their knowledge in the particular area of ​​CBRNE. Once again, our instructors were able to demonstrate their hands-on experience and creativity by providing realistic scenarios for these field professionals.

It was also an opportunity for us to share our respective experiences with them.

“Conflict Armament Research sends investigators to conflict areas around the world to document and trace weapons and chemical precursors recovered by security forces. Once again, we chose the International CBRNe Institute to provide us with the highest level of training. The ICI went above and beyond to create bespoke realistic scenarios to put our standard operating procedures to the test. We are grateful to be able to work with professionals with such a depth of experience. Damien Spleeters – Head of Regional Operations, Conflict Armament Research”