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European LandRobots Trials (ELROB-2018)

ELROB 2018

European Land Robot Trial

  • 10th European Land Robot Trial
  • 7th Military ELROB
  • 24 – 28 September 2018 on the Site of the RPA HAINAUT SECURITE (https://www.hainautsecurite.be)
  • The venue :  MONS-Belgium (ELROB-ISMCR : rue de la Croix 112, B 7870 Bauffe – Mons)

This is an announcement for the tenth and – at the same time – final European Land Robot Trial 2018!

The military ELROB, which takes place for the seventh time now, enables you to get a glance at the latest R&D in the area of unmanned outdoor/off-road ground systems. The scenarios have been developed in closest co-operation with the military users and reflect the up-to-date requirements of the forces. This event offers the fantastic opportunity to mingle with the international experts from the user community, the industry and the R&D sector.

ELROB is a strictly non-profit activity! The event is organized and carried out only by non-profit organisations. All participation fees are completely redistributed among the participants to cover travel expenses.

NOTE: The ELROB 2018 is held in conjunction with the 21st International Symposium on Measurement and Control in Robotics (ISMCR-2018);

Please find hereafter the documents concerning the competition and the registration:

Rooms have been reserved at the Vandervalk Congres Hotel Mons (reservation via the booking form hereafter)

Rooms may also be booked at the Hotel IBIS Gare of Mons with the Code ISMCR’2018 (deadline 14 September)

Participation to ELROB: http://www.elrob.org/elrob-2018

Don’t hesitate to contact the participants by consulting the enclosed catalogue.

ELROB-ISMCR’2018-registration sheet

CATALOGUE of ELROB participants (version 14 September 2018) : ISMCR-ELROB Cat 2018