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Another successfull CBRN course for hospital emergency services

ICI organized its third level 2 and level 3 courses in September and October for the benefit of emergency department staff from hospitals. The purpose of these courses is to train hospital emergency services to efficiently accommodate people who would be contaminated in the event of terrorist attacks using chemical or radiological compounds.These courses give a large part to the practical work such as dressing and undressing procedures, decontamination, practice of medical intervention in a contaminated environment, realistic scenarios…

Experts from France and HZS Group supported this event.

What an honor and a real pleasure to lead NRBC risk training sessions to a particularly attentive audience of emergency staff who actively participate in the courses by asking interesting questions that lead to constructive and enriching exchanges for both trainees and students. the trainer that I am. I hope that this type of training will, in the near future, contribute to a real cooperation between the Belgian and French emergency doctors in the field of the care of the contaminated victims, valid or not, following a NRBC event .” says Col (FR) (Rtd) LEFEBVRE who contributed to this formation.

Other similar Trg are planned at the ICI in the coming months.