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Knowledge is the best defence against Terrorism

“The CCTP Board is proud to say our first “CCTP” Belgium class was a great success. A mix of law enforcement, military and private sector amongst the participants made us achieve our main goal which was reaching out to every industry and bring them all together into one class.

Due to the high level profiles and their years of experience it came as no surprise that all participants passed the exam and received the CCTP Credential on the final day. A big congratulations to you all!

We chose the ICI institute as our Belgian partner because of its fine reputation and their advanced knowledge on CBRNE which created an added value for our CCTP program. The Director of the institute Yves Dubucq turned out a trustworthy and reliable partner for organising this course. Not only operational wise did he handle everything smoothly, Yves also managed to bring in the National News channel RTL and RTBF to do a full cover story on the course. The ICI institute offers endless opportunities for CCTP to work with and we look forward to future projects in Belgium together with Yves and his team.

Yaniv Peretz, Program Director CCTP”