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ICI Belgium

The ICI’s primary aim is to enhance CBRNE risk mitigation at regional, national and international levels, in particular through its two Knowledge Centres (CBRN & E).
The ICI engages in a wide range of CBRNE-related activities including developing and supporting academic and policy-related research, organising conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as professional development programmes for responders by means of courses and master classes.

Knowledge centres

The ICI unique Knowledge Centres address topics from crisis/consequence management to scientific issues, emergency planning, or technological challenges and development.

High-level professionals

KC members are very high-level professionals from all backgrounds (international organizations, armed forces, first responder community, scientists, equipment providers, etc.) ready to assist, inform and advise on best practices about CBRNE matters.

At the forefront

The ICI collaborates with other partners such as institutional, academic and corporate bodies and aims to be at the forefront of CBRNE-related activities, from policy to practical application

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From 24 to 27 September 2018, on the ‘HAINAUT Security’ site, located in BAUFFE (Mons, close to CHIEVRE airport and CASTEAU NATO headquarters), was held the annual competitions to demonstrate the capabilities of mobile robots in realistic scenarios. The ELROB’2018 competition presented 16 teams of which five (NIC Instruments Ltd-UK, TELEROB GmbH-GE, BROKK Ltd.-SE,

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The research and development in Mobile Robotics can help operations in risky environments.

ELROB and ISMCR will illustrate the last R&D results focusing on Land-Robotics.




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